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You want to understand your community?
You want to improve your show?
It’s time to stream like you never did!

We provide you with data to understand when your audience is leaving, how interactive your community is, how your audience is improving over time, what is the profile of your viewers, etc.
This data can be compared with those of a group of similar streamers so you know where you stand and what you need to improve.

Data Analytics Broadcaster and Streamer

1. Sign Up

No credit card needed, no form, no blood test, just one click.

Just One Click

We just need your twitch authorization to plug our bot onto your channel to analyze your audience for you.

2. Create a Dashboard

Activate your tools and visualize performance metrics.

Multiple Features

Traffic analytics, audience profiler, best moment detector, best of generator, loyalty system & more…

3. Stream

Focus on your show, our technology will do the wizardry.


Stream as usual, your bot will listen to your chat and analyze your audience. Come back later, use the reports and appreciate !

Industry, Agency & Team Manager

You want to assess the improvement of your team members on Twitch?
Compare them with other streamers on the same game?
Find streamers with specific qualities like a very high interactivity with their audience?
Gather all your team data to find sponsors?
Which team or player is the most supported and appreciated?

We have that data, we can help you answer these questions.

eSport Data Industry

1. Sign Up

One form to fill in order to setup your sector.

Request Sign Up

We prepare a dedicated infrastructure with a combination of data based on your own request. This form helps us adjust your resources if necessary in order to be sure we match your goal at 100%.

2. Setup

We prepare your personal infrastructure.

Just wait, we are cooking your dinner

Your dashboard is unique. We deploy an access on our Amazon Web Services infrastructure with a specific combination of data based on your request.

3. Create your Dashboard

Select your KPI on a market, analyze, compare and learn.

Analyze Compare and Learn

Your infrastructure is now READY. Select YOUR criteria and style of data visualization, then compose your dashboard as you wish.

4. Generate Report

The easiest way to generate a global reporting, notifications and alerts.

Fresh Report!

Select your data visualization report, and stay updated at your rhythm!

Advertisers & Others

You sponsor an event or a streamer and you want to know more about the exposure of your brand?
You want more general information about Twitch trends per game, per event or globally?

No problem. We can help you with that, just contact us.
We have thousands of data about Twitch. We are confident we can help you with your request about an eSports event, a game, a streamer, or whatever you need.

Twitch Advertisers Data Analytics